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4 Ways To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is where you feel familiar, at ease, in control, having low stress and pressure. Have you thought of getting out of it, exploring, and spreading your wings?

According to experts, getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to achieve self-development. By doing it, you are opening the door to encountering new exciting experiences.

How can you step outside your comfort zone? Let’s talk about some practical ways to do it.

Learn To Face Your Fears

Oftentimes, people run away from the fears of life which leads to a vicious cycle of self defeating behaviours. Learning how to face your fears can give you a more contented life that has you in control.

This doesn’t mean facing your fears with ignorance. Determine if the challenges that go along with your fears are manageable. Acknowledge that you have a weaker side and work towards building up more of your strengths. You can be successful by doing it one step at a time.

This will allow you to slowly stretch out of your comfort zone hence making the situation less terrifying and more comfortable.

Try Something New

If you want to discover more of yourself, then you might want to try something which is not in line with your personality. Try to think of doing something outside your usual character.

Let’s look at this situation: Your boss gives you a task to present a project in a board meeting. You are well aware that speaking in public is one of your fears. Would you decline and reason out that you are not really cut out to do so?

If this is something new, why not take the necessary steps to master it? There are tons of tips that you can find over the internet that can definitely help you overcome the fear of speaking in public.

The key? Don’t be afraid to try something new. Who knows, you might discover things you didn’t know about yourself and you didn’t know you are capable of doing.

Find A Friend


Once you found the right person that can bring out the adventurous – if not the best side of you, you’ll develop immensely. That person can help you see the world from a new perspective and expand your reach.

However, be careful not to be someone that you’re not. Your goal is to step outside your comfort zone and not to change your moral upbringing or character education.

The right person will not force you to do something against your will, but will help you enhance yourself and personality.

Be Positive


One reason why people stick to their usual comfort zone is that their minds are filled with negativity.

Dwelling on negative thoughts can cause you to pay attention to the risks and not the benefits that you can gain.

Feed your mind with positive things. Why? Because your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change and you’ll finally be able to get out of your self-imposed comfort zone.

Conclusion: fish

You may think, “What can I achieve by doing these? Is it going to be worth it?” Doing the things mentioned above may not come as easy as you wanted, but it’s always worth a shot.

By doing so, you’ll grow as a person, be reminded that the unknown doesn’t have to be scary, become more confident, and you’ll be able to enrich your life.

Do not limit yourself of what you can be, because once you stepped out of your comfort zone, you’ll be surprised at what lies ahead of you.

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