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Are you in the right relationship? Motivation 

Are you in the right relationship?

Love begins with what you give to a relationship, and not what you can get from it.

There is a distinct difference between having a passion for someone and loving that person. This priceless virtue recognizes the compatibility of the two individuals and it can be controlled. If this is not done, it can turn into an instrument of self-destruction.


How then can one know he/she is truly in love?

inspire each other

When two partners who become friends suddenly find themselves been inspired by their union, it is an indication of true love. If a relationship instead of inspiring is discouraging both parties, then something must be totally wrong.

ability to agree on issue

Relationships require that both partners agree on certain fundamental issues which can help move the union forward. Issues that has to do with sex, morals, money, faith and other sundry matters must be settled. If these are done without much pressure and squabbles from both partners, then it is a positive sign of affection. There is nothing like a perfect union. It is the ability to weather every storm that arise, that gives strength to both partners.

Equip and build each other

When an individual enters a relationship and his/her life does not undergo a transformation, then it calls for some serious questions. Love has the ability to equip and build both partners in mutual proportion. If this does not occur, the relationship could be parasitic and not symbiotic.

create goals together

When both partners are planning totally different goals, it is a negative sign, and cannot be regarded as true affection or love. Both partners are supposed to be doing things as one single entity, and that include creating goals together. It was this singular reason that tore my first relationship apart and opened my understanding to its importance.

bring the approval of family and friends

The consent of the parent of both partners is essential in a union. When this is absent, it can lead to friction, anxiety and worry. Parents are very particular about who their children are associating with. Their approval is therefore a positive sign that both of you are in the right track.

Open to each other

The ability to open up to each other in love will go a long way to create stability and love in the union. If one of the partners is keeping a secret from the past and this eventually gets discovered, it can break up the relationship. Pure and undiluted love does not recognize shame. The more of each other you know, the better understanding it brings.

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