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Avoiding Distractions When Working Goals and Time Management Motivation Self-Improvement 

Avoiding Distractions When Working


There are seemingly two factors of distractions that contribute to the interference of focus: Internal and external distractions. Internal distractions include hunger, illness, stress, fatigue, and worrying. External distractions on the other hand include visual triggers, social media, emails, music, text messages,and phone calls.

These factors can cause us to lose the ability to pay attention, thus derailing our productivity. How can we avoid distractions?

Noise and Noisepeople

Overhearing colleagues chit chatting, one-sided telephone conversations, and people walking around are just some of the major distractions at our workplace.

If you have your own room, always, always shut your door. If that is not possible, try using headphones to minimize the noise.




Are you some of those people who always check their phones first as soon as they wake up? When we are at our workplace, it is also difficult to avoid checking our phones from time to time.

This is not usually a problem if you do it on a minimal basis – say every hour. But if your phone is just within your reach and always ready whenever it beeps, you’ll find it difficult to focus on a particular task. You can put it on silent mode and just allocate a certain time for you to check it.



Workspace and Environment

Always keep your workspace free of clutter to minimize visual distractions. Just keep the projects that you are working on now on your table.

Also, for the environment, always find the right lighting and temperature to avoid discomfort and get on with your job.




In a work environment where meetings are constant, it is difficult to allot an uninterrupted time to finish a task.

Make sure to apportion a specific time in a day to focus on projects – untroubled.



Your colleagues may drop by to your workstation during their break. Friends may decide to visit without notice and disrupt you.

You can get to the point quickly and let them know in a subtle way that you have important matters to attend to. I’m sure they’ll understand.


Know Yourself Bettersuccess

We have different backgrounds, varying work attitudes and work ethics. While there are people who are really good at focusing, some of us are naturally more social, more distractible, or more physically active.

Instead of striking yourself up for your lack of focus, look for ways where you excel and you’ll flourish and become more productive.




Be Healthy!

Lack of rest and sleep will make you grumpy and irritable. Several sleepless nights will cause your brain to become foggy making it difficult to concentrate and make decisions.

This in turn will affect your focus. Take care of your health and get enough sleep.



In a world filled with coworkers and friends, and easy access to the cyber world, staying focused at work seems nearly impossible. Doing the tips mentioned above can help us avoid being distracted when working.

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