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Don’t Worry About Making Mistakes

“Mistakes are proof that you are trying.” This quote has been used for decades to motivate people who have experienced failures. Why do people fear making mistakes? What can you do to overcome your “phobia” of committing errors?

It is true that there are mistakes in life that are fatal. However, most of the mistakes that we make can teach us valuable life lessons.

Trial And Error

Sometimes, you don’t actually have to experience a particular mistake to learn a good lesson. You can look at other people’s example and get a valuable moral out of it.

Yet, it is inevitable to make mistakes. There is an organic method of problem solving which is typified by repeated, varied endeavors until you succeed called “trial and error.” having said that, we must keep in mind that no one is perfect and we can’t expect perfection.

Therefore, the fear of making mistakes shouldn’t stop you from transforming into a better person. You should actually be more afraid of being nothing, achieving nothing, and becoming nothing than trying and failing. What should we keep in mind then?

Why Is Making Mistakes Normal?

As they say, only one thing is constant – and that’s change. Our bodies change relentlessly. The people around us change as well. The economic and cultural systems, the climate, and the natural conditions of the earth – all of these change.

Then how is change related to making mistakes? We normally establish the illusion of stability and get used to the things around us and the things that we do. Then when sudden changes happen, we unnoticeably fight reality – which is ‘change’ and therefore may cause us to make mistakes.

Have you tried going out on a sunny day wearing your summer outfit? And before you reached home, it just rained cats and dogs. See, because the weather suddenly changed, you realized that you made a wrong choice of clothing.

What can you get out of it? Next time you go out, you might want to bring an umbrella or grab a jacket. That won’t hurt, would it?


Are There Benefits Of Making Mistakes?

Really? Benefits of making mistakes? Surprisingly, we learn from them and that is a benefit. Let’s look at some of the advantages:

  • Increases and deepens our knowledge
  • Helps us discover ourselves more
  • Teaches us something valuable
  • Teaches us to be forgiving
  • Helps us to be more matured
  • Gives us reasons to be humble
  • Makes us more determined
  • Points us to the right direction
  • Reminds us of our limitations
  • Helps us discover who our real friends are – they will stay even if you fail




Well, I don’t encourage people to keep making mistakes and just accept things without doing anything. Once you recognize that you made a mistake and screwed up, turn it as your stepping stone to become wiser and stronger. Always find an opportunity to get something good out of that mistake.

Yes, mistakes are painful but are also very useful ways of learning. When you make a mistake and fall, remember how Frank Sinatra would put it – pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

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