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How to Unleash Your Dream Goals and Time Management Self-Improvement Spirituality Wisdom 

How to Unleash Your Dream

Every individual on planet earth has gone through the process called dream.


Some do remember their dream, while others often forget what they dreamt about.

Dreaming is a form of mental activity that takes place whenever an individual is asleep. Dreams are mediums through which God directs our destiny.

Some 25 years ago, a young man sought audience with his mentor, and he poured out his heart with regard the burning dream he was having.

Unfortunately, the mentor did not believe in the dream and labeled it as impossible! Fortunately, the young man never allowed this negative feedback to discourage him.

  • He had absolute belief in his dream.
  • He pursued his dream passionately, aggressively and relentlessly.
  • People mocked and ridiculed him.
  • But he refused to give up on his dream. Many thought he had gone mad!
  • He continuously walked towards the actualization of his dream.
  • No price was too small to pay for the dream he had conceived.

All of a sudden, things began to move at the speed of light for this young man.

His fame began to spread like wild fire.

Even his worst critics could not ignore him anymore, when they saw the fruits of his hard labor.

He single handedly built the largest church in the whole world, with a sitting capacity of 50,000 people!

He neither organized a fund raising nor collected loans from banks to actualize this record-breaking feat.

He presently has more than 1,000 branches of his ministry scattered all over Africa, Asia, Europe, America and U.K.

He also has one of the best privately owned universities in Africa and has impacted positively on the lives of millions worldwide, through his tapes, CD’s and products.

His name is Bishop David Oyedepo: General overseer of the Winners Chapel Worldwide.

He never allowed his dream to die prematurely like others, but rather he unleashed his dream upon humanity.

It may take months, years or even a lifetime, to fulfill your dream, but never allow that dream of yours to follow you to the grave.

Age, educational background, sex, lack of opportunities or finance is not a barrier to your fulfilling that dream of yours.

Every great achiever was once a dreamer.

  • To achieve anything substantial, you must dream big.
  • The world we live in today is a product of dreams.
  • Behind every great invention was a big dream.

Eleanor Roosevelt said: ‘the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Great men like Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor E.A Adeboye, and Thomas Edison all have one thing in common: The ability to conceive a dream and work towards its fulfillment.

The first step in achieving success in life is to dream it!

It was Napoleon Hill who said, “All achievements and all earthly riches have their beginnings in an idea or dream”

As long as we dare to dream and take the courage to unleash our dream, we would always succeed.

It may take months or even years before your dream can manifest, but never you give up on your dreams!

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