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I am the apple of God’s eyes Spirituality 

I am the apple of God’s eyes

This is one of the biggest revelations in Gods word, because knowledge of this fact gives us peace and rest from every attack of the enemy.

The eye is the light of the body- one of the most sensitive part of the human body. The English dictionary defines the apple of somebody’s eye as somebody or something very much loved and favored by another person.

God loves you dearly

That means because we are the apple of God’s eye, he loves us so much and will go the extra length to ensure that no harm comes near us.

God will pour his favor on you

Secondly he will pour his favor upon us because we are the apple of his eyes.

When a man is favored, good things will begin to come his way.

Some years ago, God saved me from a near death experience.

I had gone to be with a friend in a remote village in Edo state, Nigeria.

The village had a large river where children and adults went swimming.

I had just learnt how to swim, and was itching to put what I had learnt into practice.

I began swimming with so much zeal that I forgot I was way out from the shore.

I came out from underneath the waters to discover I was lost in the river.

Tried swimming back to the shore with all the strength I had, and it took the grace of God before I could come out from the river.

I was shaken all over, because I would have died underneath the river without anyone knowing.

I knew deep in my heart, that it was God’s hand of protection upon my life

The devil may try different tricks, but his powers are limited.

God will protect you

Before anyone can touch or harm you, he/she must harm the lord first, which is as impossible task

God places much value on our life, and will jealously protect us till the very end.

Daily proclaim: “He that touches me touches the apple of God’s eye”

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