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Never Overlook Small Opportunities

Majority of people never achieve true success and fortune, because they always wait for the big opportunity, which never comes.

The world is filled to the brim with abundant opportunities.

It however takes the binoculars of God to see these opportunities.

I am going to illustrate the above statement with a thought provoking story.

Two friends once visited India on vacation.

While there, they saw lots of people walking on bare feet.

One said to the other, “See the level of poverty!” But the other saw a shoe factory.

He returned home and began designing shoes, and not only established a shoe factory, which made him a multi-millionaire.

All he did was to package these beautifully designed shoes and export them to India

The market already existed, and it didn’t take long before he made his millions.

Some see obstacles, while others see opportunities.

Never wait for that big break, because it may never come.

Build from what you know and love and begin to niche your way to success.

That reminds me of a lady who just lost the beloved husband.

She was so devastated, that she didn’t know what to do to fend for the four kids the husband left behind.

She quickly summoned courage and decided to see the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa for counseling. The Archbishop looked at her and asked her a simple question:

“What do you know how to do best”?

She took some time to think about the question, before answering- “I know how to fry beans cake (Akara)”.

The Archbishop then went ahead to ask if she had enough money to start the business.

She replied revealed to the Archbishop that she had only N100 with her.

The Archbishop then went ahead to pray with her asking that God would in his infinite mercy grant her wisdom to go about the business.

The lady stood up from the Archbishop office with renewed hope and determination burning in her heart.

She used the N100 including N2000 that was raised on her behalf in the church, to buy a bag of beans, tin of groundnut oil and some quantity of Cray fish.

All she did was to fry the beans cake and insert the Cray fish inside.

It was a unique innovation, and people began patronizing her.

In less than three years, she became financially independent, and was able to sponsor her children through the university.

From the small and humble beginning, she eventually became a blessing to others in her extended family.

She never despised the seed God dropped in her heart when her husband died.

The fact remains that no idea is too small to be ignored.

Some fellows who would have made it in life, failed woefully because of pride.

They find it extremely difficult to condescend so low to do that small business.

You can make a surprising amount of money from a very small but focused idea, even if others tell you there is no market!

We expose ourselves to failure when we foolishly wait for the right opportunity or condition to come before venturing to make a move.

There is no guarantee that your life will get better with time; you must take tangible steps to ensure it.

The passing of time does not guarantee the improvement of life, but only what is done in the passing time that does. If you refuse to do anything to improve your circumstances, you will be where you are today in the next four years.

You must stop dreaming and start doing.

When you see an opportunity, leap on it.

Life will present to you, many opportunity in the most unusual places.

Gone are the days when you wait for the ship to berth.

You got to swim into the water and jump into the ship.

H.I. Hunt, the great American oil Magnet, was once asked the secret of his success.

He replied: “success requires two things only. First, you must know exactly what you want. Unfortunately, most people never make this decision.

If God should ask the more than 120 million Nigerians, about what they want in life, more than 95% will ask for physical things.

Physical things are good, but they are not the ultimate.

Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Patience, Focus… are the things that can stand the test of time, and ultimately produce wealth.

If you are wise, wealth will come naturally, as long as you are hardworking.

Second, you must determine the price that you will have to pay to achieve it and then get busy paying the price”.

One reason many find it extremely difficult to reach the top in whatever they are doing, is because even if they see the opportunity, they never seize them.

The big question is:”Do you take advantage of opportunities that come your way”?

A fellow once had the inspiration to start a waste disposal business.

Armed with a little capital, he bought a wheel barrow, and printed some complimentary cards, before throwing away his coat of pride.

He started by informing his neighbors in the estate where he lived about his new line of business.

Daily, he meticulously went about his business in the most professional way, picking waste from house to house using his wheel barrow.

A wealthy Company executive, saw him one fateful day going about his usual business, and requested to know more about him.

Complimentary cards exchanged hands, and the end result was that the company executive gave the waste disposal fellow a multi million naira contract in his company.

That was how he bought his way out of poverty and became an employer of labour.

The secret to his success was simple: he seized the small opportunity that came his way!

Sorry if am a bit pessimistic, but I know deep in my heart, that there are some individuals that may never achieve real success in life, because they are waiting for the big break, and deliberately choose to ignore the small break.


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