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No more tears

The dawning of a new day brings joy to those who long after life. I am always amazed when I see the undiluted joy children radiate whenever they are playing around. This undiluted joy can be accessed by anyone who desires it.

And when all seems to be going on smoothly, suddenly things get out of hand and in the place of joy comes tears. There are so many reasons why an individual can break down in tears. I don’t mean tears of joy, but tears of sorrow or mourning. In this article I have shared some burdens that can bring about such devastating effect.

Failure not only comes with shame, but also with tears. Nobody wants to be tagged a failure in life. I once came out in the first position in my high school some years back and that singular achievement brought tears to the life of the fellow who had previously occupied that position. A failed relationship or marriage can create a devastating effect in the life of both partners.

When an individual is not welcomed in the midst of friends, family or colleagues, this is termed rejection. Not everyone can handle this very negative syndrome, as some may break down emotionally. Some individual see rejection as a symbol of the fact that they are not good enough. Others see it as a sign that they do not belong to the group where they are rejected. Whatever way one looks at it, there is always a stigma attached to those who are rejected in life. There have even been cases where individuals infected with HIV are instantly rejected by their families and close relations. This can lead to emotional trauma.

In Nigeria, when a lady begins to approach 35 years without a suitor to ask her hand in marriage, it may lead to worry and anxiety. This sense of delay has seen most ladies crying at night when nobody is around. There have been cases of couples who have waited for years without a child of their own. This can also bring tears especially to the women, because in Africa children are considered an integral part of a home. Delay in securing a job after years of graduation often creates a negative impact on young graduates, some of whom cannot handle these situations emotionally.

To be in serious need of food, shelter or clothing can generally be referred to as Lack. In Africa, more than 60% of the populace fall within the poverty line. Some cannot eat good food and live in good houses. When the situation becomes severe, some resort to crying especially young ones who cannot bear hunger or starvation. There is a popular believe that men don’t cry, but I have seen men who cannot cater for their family needs resort to crying because of their state of helplessness.

This generally regarded as one of the number one source of emotional distress. Whenever you see group of people wailing or mourning, it can be deduce that someone very important has died. It is natural for people to weep at the loss of somebody dear to their heart. There is absolutely nothing we can do to stop death, as it is one of the events that everyone must partake in.

But God has assured us in his word that he will wipe away all tears from our eyes. He will comfort those who are going through difficult times and give as many that trust in him a reason to smile again. The key to accessing this warm assurance is to have absolute confidence in his unchanging word.

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