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Overcoming worries and anxiety

Some individuals are so good at getting worked-up, with their thought pattern spiraling above normal at any given time. They worry about virtually everything concerning their life- food, shelter, clothing, children, job, security, health, academics and even mundane things that are not so important.


This negative virtue in itself is harmful to the human being and it must not be encouraged by any means. It must however be understood that as long as we live in this world, it is totally impossible to stop thinking about the above issues, but the level of thoughts should not be allowed to dominate our life and impact negatively on our thought pattern. Below are some of the reasons why it must be avoided:

It can lead to sickness.
Some of the known cases of hypertension and high blood pressure are traceable to the negative practice of worrying. When one is deep in thought over an issue for an extended period of time, it impacts negatively on the blood pressure as the heart is forced to beat excessively. The sudden rise in blood pressure can lead to hypertension which is dangerous to human health.

It can lead to death.
When high blood pressure and hypertension caused by prolonged thoughts are not well-managed, it can lead to sudden death. There have been thousands of reported cases of sudden death attributed to these health related ailment. The unfortunate thing, is that some individuals are yet to heed the advice of medical doctors in checking their blood pressure level on a regular basis.

It worsen the situation.
Excessive thinking cannot solve a problem rather it compounds it and makes it even worse. When we are deep in thought over an issue, the issue cannot vanish overnight due to the hours we spend pondering over it. All we tend to achieve is that we make mountains out of moles and if the situation is not properly addressed it might result to a bigger problem

It is a sign of faithlessness.
When our confidence and trust is on the Almighty God, the idea of worrying is totally eliminated. God advice his children: “come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. This is an assurance that must not be taken for granted as it has been known to solve the problems of those who believe.

When our faith is based on our fellow human beings, they can fail us and bring us to a state of unending thoughts, worry and anxiety.

It leads to stagnancy.
The fact that we get worried over an issue will hinder us from planning positively. It tends to bring our entire life to a state of standstill, as other areas are left unattended to. This is the most dangerous trend which must be avoided at all cost.

The solution to issues that come our way is not in the long hours we spend meditating on them, but the ability to thank God in every situation we find ourselves. We must not allow that negative thought to stay whenever it comes because it can yield negative fruits.

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