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How to Practically Turn Failure to Success Happiness Motivation Success 

How to Practically Turn Failure to Success

The difference between failure and success lies in our ability to implement certain fundamental principles in our daily life. Failure implies the inability to attain set goals or target, while success simply means the ability to meet ones expectation and goals in life.

It is absolutely possible to turn every misfortune to fortune depending on how one is able to handle the situation. There are countless examples of individuals who made several attempts to succeed in their field of endeavor, but at each try, they met with failure and defeat. They however ended up becoming successful in life when they discovered the practical approach to securing their success in life.

See failure as transient
When something is regarded as transient, it simply means it is not permanent. Never accept defeat as a permanent feature of your life, because it will eventually give way to something bigger and better depending on how we approach life. Like everything else, failure does not last forever. It has an expiry date attached to it and the sooner one discovers that, the better positioned one will be to achieve success in life.

Don’t stay down when you fall
Greatness can only be achieved by those who are able to pick up the pieces of their life after a major fall. It doesn’t matter how many times a man falls, what counts is the ability to rise after each major setback. When life pulls you down, don’t stay down weeping like a baby. Get up and start all over again with more zeal and determination.

Be patient
Impatience has led millions of individuals to their early graves. In their quest to attain great heights within a short space of time, errors and unnecessary risk were ensued. Patience on the other hand must be imbibed by everyone who desires to thread the path of success. True riches and greatness can never be achieved overnight. To everything in life, there is a time and season allocated. One must patiently wait for the right timing of God, as failure to adhere strictly to his instruction might prove fatal.

Disconnect yourself from failure
There is always the temptation to find colleagues who have failed in life as a form of consolation for our inability to succeed. We must however realize that the earlier one disconnects from failures and under-achievers, the better for him/her. When you move with individuals who have made it in life, there is always the burning desire to succeed.

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