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The humble will he exalt Spirituality 

The humble will he exalt

Rarely do we see a story gain so much publicity on national and international media as that of Olajumoke Orisaguna the bread seller. This rag to riches story caught my attention because of the peculiarity of the chief actress who came from a very humble background. Olajumoke who is married with two kid is not only humble, but hardworking. I guess she never imagined in her wildest dream how fortune could smile on her with such torrent that others are now getting encouraged.

Her march to stardom came with some sacrifice that had to be made. Left with little options, she left her husband in Ondo State to migrate down to Lagos State due to the need to alleviate the suffering of the family. The story of the 27 years old Olajumoke dramatically turned when she bumped into her divine helper in the person of ace photographer- T.Y Bello, who was doing a photo session on the 3rd of February 2016.

One thing that stood her out in the entire fairy tale, is the fact that she wasn’t ashamed to hawk her bread in the glare of the public and even clicking cameras during the photo shoot session. Olajumoke never allowed her lowly estate to diminish her personality and God given gift.

Her humility stood her out in the midst of thousands of bread sellers as she became an instant celebrity within the space of few weeks. The flood of endorsements and modeling contract was just too good to be true. To make her meet up with the international modeling standard, she has also been offered an academic scholarship to help her become sound academically.

Today, she has brought smile and fortune to her family amid the gloom of economic uncertainties. It pays to be humble. It pays to stick to what one is doing for a living. It pays for one to be persistent, tenacious and humble in the journey of life. It doesn’t matter how bad the journey may seem right now, what really matter is that one is on the right track and one stay humble till the very end.

When your time to be recompensed eventually arrives, nothing will stop your star from shining. Today is Olajumoke Orisaguna. Tomorrow it will be you hugging all the headlines. Stay strong and never give up on your dreams.

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