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The unbreakable law of Love Happiness Love 

The unbreakable law of Love

When we think of love, the thought of romance and sex always occupy our subconscious. The truth however is that love transcend beyond mere feelings, sex or romance.
There are certain irrevocable laws which define perfect love, and I will be sharing some of them in this article.

God is the embodiment of forgiveness and we are told in the Bible, that God is love. In him dwells the totality of this unique virtue and completeness. It is not humanly possible to forgive someone who has really hurt us, but when we consider that God has continually forgiven us and shown us perfect affection, then the wiliness to forgive is bestowed on us.

This unique virtue cannot be acquired on a platter of gold. It involves both partners investing their time, resources and effort into the relationship. Commitment is the deliberate decision to make a project work. When you have affection for someone, it will bring some measure of commitment on your part. When there is no love, there would be no commitment. It is a fundamental principle which cannot be broken. Because God cared for our welfare and future, he sent his son to die for us. That is the true meaning of commitment.

The ability of two different individuals from different background to understand one another is called intimacy. There is an erroneous believe, that sex is intimacy. That is absolutely false, because you can have sex with some you do not even care about. The ability to discover your partner’s goal and values culminate into intimacy. It involves different stages, beginning from casual friendship into close friendship before eventually emerging into intimate friendship.

Trust is the ability to have confidence in something or somebody. It is closely associated with integrity. This is the heart and soul of any relationship. It is the bedrock of true affection. When this basic ingredient is missing, there is the tendency for instability to set in.

This is similar but different from trust. When you trust someone, the tendency to be frank and open will naturally be there. Keeping secrets and bottling up your feelings are negative signs that can ruin any relationship. Partners are supposed to be open to each other and create channels of communication that can help heal any wound that may arise from misunderstanding and disputes.

Perfect love drives away fear and creates freedom of expression. The freedom to be yourself whenever you are in the presence of your spouse creates a bond that cannot be easily broken. Fear can destroy and hamper friendship. The negative implication of fear is that it is infectious. When it comes, it has a way of affecting everything around an individual. Freedom is the ability to choose to do whatever one likes or desire. There are countless of individuals who are married, yet living in bondage.

This virtue can ignite the flame of affection between partners and bring stability to the relationship. When faults are discovered and things are not working out as desired, it is important that we be patient with one another. It is a law that defines perfect love.


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