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To retreat does not mean you have given up

So many times in life, we have been faced with situations that have made us to recoil to our shell and go away from public view. So many have even tried avoiding certain challenges that came their way in life. Some may interpret these actions as a sign of surrendering or giving in to challenges. This may not necessarily be the case when looked at critically.

The fact that an individual decides to take out time to re-energize himself cannot be termed giving up! There are numerous instances of great men and women who succeeded in their chosen profession, taking time off their passion to hibernate and come out stronger than they ever were.

There is a time to face an issue or challenge headlong and there is also a time to go off the scene and rediscover oneself.

There is a difference between giving up on a goal or passion and taking time off to re-invent yourself.

Every successful individual usual deploy this secret technique in making a creative breakthrough in life.

Before I met my wife, I had to go through the pains of two unsuccessful relationships. These relationships were not bad themselves, because they taught me some invaluable lessons in life. After the second one failed, I had to beat a retreat and hibernate for two years. These periods of hibernation were used to access myself and discover what went wrong and how I can correct some noticeable flaws in myself.

At the end of the day, I emerge from the trench stronger than I could ever imagine. The result was a successful relationship that culminated in my walking down the aisle with the love of my life. We have been blessed with three beautiful kids: Emmanuella, Olivia and Andre. They are a constant reminder to the fact that one does not give up easily on what he/she loves.

You may have a business proposal, plan or idea lying fallow for years and everyone may be thinking you have thrown these lofty ideas and dreams into the trash bin of history, because you have retreated for too long. All you got to do is proof them wrong by bursting out of your shell and unveiling your potential in the midst of those who take delight in hearing stories of failures rather than success.

May this New Year open new doors of opportunities to unleash every hidden talent and gift that the Almighty God has bestowed on you. If you have fallen in the past, don’t just lie there for the rest of your life. Try again and again. There is no failure except in no longer trying


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